Author: Alycia Edgar

As an accountant and former surf shop owner Alycia understands the issues that small business face everyday. She believes you can work on your business effectively simply by understanding your business numbers. She creates innovative systems and processes that enable business owners to be highly focused and productive in their business. If you are interested in receiving insider tips on how to understand your numbers, join us . As a bonus you'll receive the report "You or Your Bookkeeper Could be Costing You Money." Your task: figure out what both your “stay in bed” costs are for each day and your “get out of bed” costs associated with making a sale. We can’t all be supermodels!

Cashflow, it can make or break your business. So what can you do to make sure it doesn’t break you? It comes down to simple math: incoming must be greater than outgoing or you run the risk of falling short on your monthly expenses. Too often mom entrepreneurs become focused on the fun aspects of their business and not the business of running their business like a business, meaning managing the money side of the business. How to keep the incoming cashflow coming IN! #1: Clear payment terms – If you don’t tell people when your invoices are due, they’ll…

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